Who is Ritzy Silk, an introduction.

If you have stumbled upon my website you have discovered my work. Hand painted neckties and scarves each carefully painted and one of a kind.

But who am I, the one behind the scenes?

I am Elizabeth.

  • First and foremost I am a Mom of 3 young kids, and they are my pride, my joy and my life’s greatest lesson.
  • I am an expat- living and learning to life in a country not my own. We are a bilingual family and the question we get asked more than any other (which surprises me because to me it seems obvious) is do our kids speak both languages? They do; and the reason is because I speak to them only in my native English, and my husband speaks to them in his native Latvian 🙂
  • I love painting on silk, and each of my items is made with so much care and attention and thought. There will never been any two items exactly alike because they are done freehand.
  • I adore baking. And take pride in making tasty morsels and wedding cakes for friends.
  • I like nature, and am learning to be a gardener.
  • I appreciate good coffee, at least once daily 🙂
  • I need to write, and take pleasure in journaling.
  • I come from a musical family, and enjoy playing the piano (though I am sorely out of practice at this stage in life).
  • I love having company!
  • I collect board games, and love playing them!

So now that you have met me and learned a bit about me, tell me who you are and what you enjoy!

So nice to meet you!




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