Art in the Park, Vermanes Garden

Silk ties

Art in the Park, Vermanes Garden

In July I had the rare opportunity to get to have my scarves and ties for sale in a local park.

Latvians are amazing singers, and every few years they have a huge song and dance festival. This year was the youth song and dance festival.

During this intensive week of singing and dancing there is a huge arts and crafts market in the beauitful central garden, Vermanes Darzs.Parade gajiens

This summer I got the chance to be there with some other silk artists from the studio Gundega.

I enjoyed getting to chat with lots of foreigners, observe people, meet other local craftsmen, and get to know the other silk artists I was working with better.

We had a good couple of weeks hanging out in the park and selling some of our art.


Butterfly in Vermanes

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