Birch Trees and Owls

Birch Trees and Owls Yellow Scarf

Birch Trees and Owls Nothing says “Latvia” more than a beautiful forest. The Latvian countryside dotted with farmlands, meadows, rivers, and streams is a land full of trees and forests. The Latvian people love their forests, their countryside, and nature. And with roots deep in Latvia on my Dad’s side and 12 years of life

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Gifts for Mom

Filigree swirls scarf- art nouveau silk scar

Gifts for Mom Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away. Maybe even sooner- I’d better double check that calender. May 14- wow, that is soon! This is the holiday to say thanks to your Mom, granny, aunt or other female who took part in raising you. A gift with meaning is something we all

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Gift Ideas for Husbands

Gift Ideas for Husbands This Christmas my husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Buying my man gifts has never come easy for me. I struggle with finding that perfect gift, something meaningful, something he will use. . . On one of my last trips to England I had picked up one of

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