Hand Painted Silk Scarves - Veils - Men's Neckties

Featuring artistic hand-painted silk scarves, wraps, and neckties. Each of the silk items you find in this shop is a unique piece of wearable art, all painted by hand in Europe.

Hand Painted Red Silk Wrap

Hand-painted Silk Scarves

Stylish and feminine. A woman can make an entire wardrobe with a scarf.

Book Scarves

Hand written quotes from your favorite books, poems or songs.

Silk Book Scarves
Hand Painted Family Tree Scarf

Family Tree Wearable Art

Capture your family's history for your Mom or Grandmother with a hand painted wearable family tree.

Timeless Fashion

Flappers, wildlife, flowers, and book heroes come to life on silk in your choice of wearable art.

Hand Painted Blue green yellow silk scarf
Hand Painted Personalized Name Tie

Personalized Name Ties

A gift for Grandpa or Dad or even teachers with the names of their grandkids or class.

Men's Silk Neckties

Dapper, stylish hand-painted neckties he will be proud to wear.

Peafowl Wedding Tie
Hand Painted Peafowl Wedding Veil

Hand Painted Wedding Accessories

The veil of your dreams becomes a reality when it is hand painted just for you, in your theme and colors.

Elizabeth Grinberga

Elizabeth Grinberga painting silk scarf in her studio

Hand Painted Silk Scarves – Veils – Men’s Neckties

By Elizabeth Grinberga

Painting silk scarves and neckties I create art in an original, wearable form for the color and fashion conscious. Each piece is hand painted with all the love, color and dreams of my childhood in the USA and my travels and life abroad. Hand-painted in my studio in Europe I create practical, modern fashion. Every European woman knows the scarf to be a staple of her fashion existence. And every businessman knows the statement a good tie can make. Be unique. Be you, with an original silk design as dazzling as yourself and those you love! See more designs.

We Offer


Quality, wearable art. Hand-painted on 100% pure silk with top quality silk dyes and paints. Each piece is a complete original, hand sketched and painted by me in my private studio. These are not mass productions.


Each custom order is done individually. I aim to please and will begin painting only when I capture your vision. I send photos throughout the process and when I complete your item, so you will know exactly what you are getting.


The items I create will be hand painted by me in my little studio while my kids are dreaming. I do not mass produce items. They are not printed. Each is designed, sketched, drawn and painted by me with love and care.

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Our Amazing Team

Elizabeth Grinberga

Owner, Artist, Designer.

Janis Grinbergs

Photographer & Website Design

Ruta Grinberga

Seamstress & Artist