Chocolaterie in Old Tallin


Last week I had the chance to explore Old Tallin for a day.

For me a perfect day will include a stop at some charming cafe for some good coffee and cake and perhaps a bit of shopping or at least some fantastic window shopping.

My day in Tallin was perfect in that it included all of these things, and I did them with my 5 year old daughter.

We started exploring Old Tallin in the late morning and roamed about to our hearts content. We stumbled upon a little street  also known as masters courtyard, with a cafe that had lots of tables outside and vines growing overhead.

Old Tallin

Old Tallin

The atmosphere both inside and out was charming and their selection of cakes was so tempting and unique that I could not leave without sampling at least one!

I was delighted with the huge slice that both my daughter and I could enjoy ,plus the cake and presentation were fantastic!


chocolate de pierre

Chocolate de pierre

We left feeling very happy and delighted by this charming little cafe with amazing chocolates and cakes! Thanks to Chocolate de Pierre for making one feel special in Old Tallin.

We continued our ramblings through the old city and I had so many nice chats with artisans of various medias. I loved the feel of Old Tallin in that there were so many artists and the old center was so free of ordinary stores (unlike Riga).

I loved getting to chat with this marzipan artist and learning the types of colors and brushes they use to paint their edible art with!

Marzpian in Tallin

Marzpian in Tallin


The whole day left me feeling satisfied and as if I had got to see the old part of Tallin quite well. We enjoyed walking along the old city wall, climbing several towers and lots of rests on lovely city benches.

If you ever get the chance go to Tallin  do it! And don’t miss this cafe I mentioned here. I have eaten and baked alot of cakes and none were quite like this one!

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