Birch Trees and Owls

Birch Trees and Owls Yellow Scarf

Birch Trees and Owls

Nothing says “Latvia” more than a beautiful forest. The Latvian countryside dotted with farmlands, meadows, rivers, and streams is a land full of trees and forests. The Latvian people love their forests, their countryside, and nature. And with roots deep in Latvia on my Dad’s side and 12 years of life in Latvia under my belt, I too love these tall forests. There is something entirely enchanting about a walk in the forest, gathering mushrooms and enjoying the sun filtering through the trees at sunset. It is almost otherworldly as if these forests would be inhabited by elves and fairies.



Birch Trees and Owls Birch Tie

The birch tree is a slender beauty in Latvian nature. In Latvian, it called “bērzs” and this tree is a common last name here as well.


When asked to create some scarves that had owls for an owl center I wanted to include trees of course. And because of how much I adore birch trees I included some birches in some of my recent paintings.

Birch Trees and Owls Green Birch

This green birch scarf is spring in Latvia. There is that moment when the leaves are just beginning to open and then BANG all the trees are in full foliage! I love that moment in spring when the colors are just beginning to show up again after the long dark winter.

Birch Trees and Owls Red Scarf

This shades of red silk bandana is for anyone who loves red and would be perfect for a brunette. This one is made to order as this bandana is already sold.

Birch Trees and Owls Yellow Scarf

Golden shades of yellow on a pure silk bandana.

Birch Trees and Owls

These scarves and tie are mostly currently available in the shop.

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