Gifts for Mom

Filigree swirls scarf- art nouveau silk scar

Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away. Maybe even sooner- I’d better double check that calender. May 14- wow, that is soon!

This is the holiday to say thanks to your Mom, granny, aunt or other female who took part in raising you.

A gift with meaning is something we all are looking for. Sometime that says I love you, while being something she will use and not just tuck away.

What is your Mom into?

I have flappers scarves for those interested in history, or period drama.

You can even get or order a book scarf with her favorite book characters and quotes!

I hand paint a lot of scarves, some with a lot of detail, some with only colors. And even some that have family trees on them! This family tree scarf would be an amazing gift for you Mom, grandma, or any other special female. These scarves are custom made and done in your colors, wirh YOUR family’s names! Order now for painting and shipping to get this in time for Mother’s Day!


Family Tree Keepsake Scarf

Maybe this is a the first Mother’s Day for someone who is expecting their first child and needs some extra strength to get them through their upcoming labor and delivery. I have this scarf inspired by the power of a mother and her ability¬†to trust her body in birth!

Mother Power Birth Scar

Have another special scarf idea, write me at

Don’t see what you are looking for in my website store. Take a quick peek in my Etsy shop, as sometimes I don’t get them listed in both stores at the same time.




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