Rainbow Birch Collection Fall 2018

Raibow Birch Collection 2018

Rainbow Birch Collection Fall 2018

I am excited to share my Birch Tree Scarves Collection Fall 2018 of hand-painted silk birch scarves with you.

The best selling item in markets this summer is now available in a rainbow of colors. Now everyone can find the perfect fall fashion scarf for them. Birch trees are abundant in Latvia and around the world and for those nature lovers, these scarves will make the perfect gift.

Each scarf is a hand painted original done by me in my little studio (or in my garden) in Latvian, Eastern Europe. When the original pieces of this collection are sold you can order yours which will be created in the same color palette you choose or one created totally by your request.

Soon to be available for purchase in my Etsy shop and here on my website. Stay up to date on my Facebook and Instagram pages for current updates and listings.  Be sure to click through the photos, as some of the listings are already available for purchase via the direct link either to Etsy or my Website. The others will be activated as they are listed.

Purple Birch Tree Scarf

Blue Birch Tree Scarf

Red Birch Tree Scarf


Yellow Birch Tree Scarf

More colors to be showcased soon.

To hear the full story behind this photo shoot and more stories about my silk scarves, the people who buy, wear and love them and about my art be sure to drop me a line to get my occasional updates via e-mail newsletter. As a busy mom of 4 I will never overload you with notes, but love to share what is new from time to time and gift my readers with coupons, etc.  My e-mail is ritzysilk@gmail.com . Send me yours and I will keep you up to date on the happenings of my silk painting. 

Thanks and have a great day! 




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