Unique Personalized Grandma Gift


Unique Personalized Grandma Gift

A Wearable Family Tree

Unique Personalized Grandma Gift

In 1944 my Grandma left her country as a teenage girl, fleeing coming war. She would never return to her country of Latvia again. But now 72 years later I, her granddaughter continue our heritage by having married a Latvian and living in the country she left during war time.

My Grandma was in refugee camps in Germany before ending up the in the USA, marrying, and going on to have a huge family with 3 kids, 17 grandchildren and even more great-grandchildren.

My Grandma has always been the core of what held our huge family together- and I could even say she is the base or trunk of our huge family tree. Our family’s matriarch!

Last Thanksgiving we got the rare chance to be in the USA and I painted a special scarf or wrap for my Grandma. It was this huge Unique Personalized Grandma Gift  with family tree on it which had the names of every one of her children, grand-children and great-grandchildren. It also included the names of her parents on the roots. And some special quotes from the Bible on the importance of a woman.

As I presented this special gift to my Grandma and talked about how important she had been in my life and to our family I got very emotional and couldn’t even finish my little speech without tears of thankfulness streaming down my cheeks.

She LOVED her scarf and read over it carefully, checking to see if every name was there.

I was so pleased she loved it, and would love to create more of these special scarves for other familes to gift to their cherished Grandmas.

These amazing photos were taken by my talented cousin, thank you!

If you would like to order a special scarf like this for your family member write me at ritzysilk@gmail.com or convo me in my Etsy Shop www.silkiness.etsy.com

You can see the listing for this custom item HERE

Unique Personalized Grandma Gift

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