Things that inspire me to paint and create

Things that inspire me to paint and create

Today I had the privilege of getting to see a silk garmet or “Wearable Art ” exhibition here in an Art Nouveau museum in Riga.

Rarely do I get to get out and see an exhibit these days, with 4 kids one of whom is my baby of only 5 weeks. This was a rare treat for me (my husband sat with the kids in the car for the 30 minutes I basked in beauty) .

I examined the artistry, the lines, the colors, the flow patterns and every little detail a silk artist would take notice of when looking at a silk painting. How I ADORE feathers and his feathers were in a variety of methods I have not used. I wish I had paid the extra money to take photos, but oh well. . . . I have heard we remember better when we do not take photos.

These dresses were elegant, flowing and in a variety of styles. Some with birds, some florals, some with feathers, and all in luxurious tones and layers of silk. They would enhance the natural beauty of any woman wearing them!

I loved the artist’s write about their art, part of which I will quote here.

The designs were made for independent, strong and sophisticated women who are not afraid to make a statement when they enter a room, says Irina with a smile. The cuts are simple but the drama lies within the stories of the design. (Source)

Wearing any kind of hand painted silk art- whether that be a scarf, tie, or dress really does draw attention to the wearer! I have seen the compliments my husband gets when he wears one of his ties!

I loved getting to be at this beautiful exhibition, not to mentino the Art Nouveau store I also enjoyed both coming and going!

I realized as I headed back to the car, and the sun suddenly broke the week long clouds that I was refreshed anew! I guess new moms or any mom needs a few moments now and then to get a way from the clutter, and messiness of mom life. We need to forget the sleepless nights and bask in the beauty of art or nature or whatever it is that makes us feel energized and inspired.

We got home after a day away with 4 youngs kids to the mess and ho hum of it all. But having had this day out and a bit of time for just me (the first in the last 5 weeks) gave me a kick back into my artistic nature and inspired me to start sketching and painting again.

I am so inspired by beautiful things. I love seeing what other humans have created and enjoying their creativity. I love seeing the colors, and forms of various times throughout history come together into a scarf, garment or tie! Somehow all this color and beauty inspires me to start creating again myself- and pushes all that tiredness and sleepless nights to the back burner of my glowing inspired self.

So what inspires you to create?

For me the answer TODAY is beauty, and beautiful things!





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