Red Heels & Silk

Red Heels & Silk scarves

Red Heels & Silk

So I have this friend. She is bold, she is blunt, she is beautiful.

I remember one of the first times I met or talked to her she really intimidated me as I was this shy expat at a party in a foreign country. But somehow her awesome English skills and my desire to talk to someone in English pulled through and in time we got to know each other better.

Later she and her fiance asked my husband and me to be their witnesses for their wedding. Wow, was she a drop dead gorgeous bride!  Ever since I have felt this older sister kind of responsibility for my friend.  Silly, maybe, but good friends need to take care of each other, right?

So one day about 2 babies later I was admiring her red boots. You know the kind BOLD girls wear. I remember saying how much I liked the idea of red boots, but that they seemed so impractical to me. What would they match or be worn with?

I remember being mad about having pink and red shoes. I grew up envying other girls’ pink and red shoes. 

Miuccia Prada

That was until I got my own red boots. I saw them at a second-hand shop, and they fit me like they were made for me. I liked the look, and the price and so I bought my “impractical” red boots.  Let’s just say BANG, BOOM, I was so in love with my red boots that since then they have become my “sickness.” I only want red boots. I am forever keeping an eye out for them. And every red boot I see I drool over and admire.  My friend laughed when she welcomed me to the “red boot club” as we call it. And so we live with our happy, red boots when we can find them and afford them.

The higher the better. It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way.

Christian Louboutin

This friend is the model in this photo, so it shouldn’t surprise you that they are red. Because once the red shoe bug has bitten you will never be the same. Because RED is better than BLACK. It certainly makes you feel you have an extra boost of confidence and happiness about you.

So, beautiful lady. Make sure you get your silks on with those red heels and dance down the day in style! Shop now.

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues. 

David Bowie 

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