Welcome to My Shop

The time has finally come when I can now welcome you to my shop online.

Stop on in, take a look at what I have been painting. Feel the textures of the various silks; the courser yet breezy chiffon, the luxurious silk satin and the light and silky habotai silk.

Let the colors delight your senses and send the winter’s bleakness far. . . far away.

Feast your eyes on patterns and designs and linger a bit in imagination.

Choose which item strikes your fancy- pick it up, try it on (how I wish you were right here in the room and could do just that).

Admire yourself in the mirror, see how that hue makes you glow?

Notice how this design brings a smile to his face?

Take home a hand painted silk accessory. This living material will serve you well and be your most loved accessory through the passing of fads and seasons.

Welcome to my shop!

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