Vegan Fashion Gift the Vegetable Scarf

vegetable art scarf


Vegan Fashion Gift

Size: 8×54 inches

Material: 100% pure silk, dyed with French dyes and steamed for lifelong color

Inspiration: Read on and get the whole story!

vegan art gift

Every year as the seasons change and my garden produces its abundance I am again enamored with the beauty of vegetables in all their shapes, sizes and colors. Inspired by my produce I decided to paint them on a scarf. I LOVE the way this vegetable scarf turned out. It is colorful, bright and FUN.

It would be the perfect gift for my nutrionalist friend, or my vegan friend, or my teacher friends to show their kids what healthy food choices are!

This scarf has lots of bright vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and MORE and it is off set by a black border.

Currently this is not yet listed on my website- but you can grab it here on my ETSY SHOP by clicking on this LINK.

Don’t miss this chance to get that special friend a gift for Christmas or their birthday- this will give everyone something to talk about! Not to mention brighting up any outfit!

vegan scarf

Need some scarf styling tips? See my Pinterest board HERE  with lots of links for styling scarves!

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