Painting Birch Trees

Green Birch Scarf

Painting Birch Trees

Here in Latvia trees are everywhere. I love getting out in nature here; gathering mushrooms, and just basking in the quiet beauty of the forests here.

I love the variety of forests and there is nothing quite so gorgeous as a fresh snow in the tall pines- to make you feel like you stepped into Narnia.

The birch trees here are in abudance, and so delicate, and feminine.

I decided to try my hand at painting birch trees and here is a short clip of my working on one of my latest scarves.


In a few weeks when my sister has concluded her visit here with her kids I hope to get this scarf steamed, photographed and listed. Until then take a sneak peek at it.

And keep in mind that now is the time to order your custom Fall scarves, when my kids head back to school I will have less time for painting what with running them to school, after school activities and homework.

Happy Monday!

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