Orange for Autumn

Orange for Autumn is something that seems so right this time of year. As the evenings grow longer and colder, and we light a fire in our fireplace to rid the house of cold. The flames flicker and dance with their cheery crackling and make our home so much more delightful.

Flames of orange for autumn.

Then there are the pumpkins still growing on these last warm afternoons- growing every fatter, and rounder. We are just waiting for the first frost to remove them and bring them in to brighter our hearth and then delight our tummies in pies and soups.

Pumpkins of glowing orange and yellow.

Then there are the leaves which from day to day grow more colorful in their hues and enchant my children with their new shades. The oranges, reds and greens and yellows are a part of autumn we hold dear.

Leaves of orange in their bright hues.

I find my wardrobe naturally turning to more subtle tones now- with browns and dark rusts and reds. These darker tones are perfectly complimented by a bright scarf to enhance your face and add some color to your attire. Wearing orange or yellow makes you feel more awake and makes others happier just looking at you.

What autumn colors are you wearing today?

Colorful Leaves Scarf

Colorful Leaves Scarf

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