Birch Trees and Owls

Birch Trees and Owls Yellow Scarf

Birch Trees and Owls Nothing says “Latvia” more than a beautiful forest. The Latvian countryside dotted with farmlands, meadows, rivers, and streams is a land full of trees and forests. The Latvian people love their forests, their countryside, and nature. And with roots deep in Latvia on my Dad’s side and 12 years of life

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Red Heels & Silk

Red Heels & Silk scarves

Red Heels & Silk So I have this friend. She is bold, she is blunt, she is beautiful. I remember one of the first times I met or talked to her she really intimidated me as I was this shy expat at a party in a foreign country. But somehow her awesome English skills and

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The Right Teacher

The Right Teacher Just as a little refresher of who I am behind this website and what I do. I am Elizabeth- the full time Mom of 4 kids ages 8 and under. I am a wife living the simple life in Latvia. I am the artist behind the hand painted silk you see. I

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