Grandpa Gifts

Personalized Names Tie

Grandpa Gifts for Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and now is the time to start searching and ordering those special gifts.

One of my top  selling Christmas gifts for him is this customizable necktie. It is perfect for a Grandpa or Dad gift because he can have the names of those he loves close to his heart.

These come in two types of tie. Silk or microfiber jaquard. The turn around time on these including painting and  international shipping is apx. 3-4 weeks. So it would be best to order early to have yours arrive in time for the holidays.

This is a custom listing and is not listed on my website at present. You can purchase the listing either on my Etsy shop or send me a message to and I will put together a custom listing here on my website for you. . Please include the color you desire. The material – silk is $40 and microfiber is $30.00


Fathers Tie

Grandfathers Tie

Aeropress Review

My Aeropress Review all begings in May when we had some Australians stay with us and to my surprise and delight they offered to make coffee for me with their Aeropress coffee press every morning they were here. I was surprised at first because typically the host makes coffee- but when I tasted this brew I was taken.

I was curious to know about this mini-coffee press- so unheard of to me and decided soon after to get one of my own.

I ordered mine on E-bay, though you can find it many places.

I have now had mine at least 3 months and I have spent far less money buying coffee out during this time because I can now brew a cup of coffee I enjoy both quickly and easily.

Previously I had had been using a French Press to make my coffee- which was ok for a long time. But I had begun to dislike the taste of the coffee. What delights me most about the Aeropress is that the coffee isn’t bitter.

You need to follow the simple instructions, and of course start with a good coffee. But this Areopress coffee press couldn’t be simpler and it has great reviews on Amazon.

How are you brewing your coffee today?


My Marsala Wish List for Fall

“My Marsala Wish List for Fall ”

I love the color maroon, or as Pantone calls it marsala. This color is perfect for Fall and you can be sure I will be wearing it 🙂

I put together this wardrobe wish list  “My Marsala Wish List for Fall ” with some favorite items to complement the tone- including my amazingly light and  intense marsala silk wrap. This wrap is so perfect for this season because it is large enough to be warm, yet so silken and light so as not to be bulky. I only have a few large wrap/scarve available- so be sure to snag yours before they are sold out.

What are you wearing this season? What will your color be?

Marsala for Fall


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Have a beautiful late summer, early Fall day!

Chocolaterie in Old Tallin


Last week I had the chance to explore Old Tallin for a day.

For me a perfect day will include a stop at some charming cafe for some good coffee and cake and perhaps a bit of shopping or at least some fantastic window shopping.

My day in Tallin was perfect in that it included all of these things, and I did them with my 5 year old daughter.

We started exploring Old Tallin in the late morning and roamed about to our hearts content. We stumbled upon a little street  also known as masters courtyard, with a cafe that had lots of tables outside and vines growing overhead.

Old Tallin

Old Tallin

The atmosphere both inside and out was charming and their selection of cakes was so tempting and unique that I could not leave without sampling at least one!

I was delighted with the huge slice that both my daughter and I could enjoy ,plus the cake and presentation were fantastic!


chocolate de pierre

Chocolate de pierre

We left feeling very happy and delighted by this charming little cafe with amazing chocolates and cakes! Thanks to Chocolate de Pierre for making one feel special in Old Tallin.

We continued our ramblings through the old city and I had so many nice chats with artisans of various medias. I loved the feel of Old Tallin in that there were so many artists and the old center was so free of ordinary stores (unlike Riga).

I loved getting to chat with this marzipan artist and learning the types of colors and brushes they use to paint their edible art with!

Marzpian in Tallin

Marzpian in Tallin


The whole day left me feeling satisfied and as if I had got to see the old part of Tallin quite well. We enjoyed walking along the old city wall, climbing several towers and lots of rests on lovely city benches.

If you ever get the chance go to Tallin  do it! And don’t miss this cafe I mentioned here. I have eaten and baked alot of cakes and none were quite like this one!

Who is Ritzy Silk, an introduction.

If you have stumbled upon my website you have discovered my work. Hand painted neckties and scarves each carefully painted and one of a kind.

But who am I, the one behind the scenes?

I am Elizabeth.

  • First and foremost I am a Mom of 3 young kids, and they are my pride, my joy and my life’s greatest lesson.
  • I am an expat- living and learning to life in a country not my own. We are a bilingual family and the question we get asked more than any other (which surprises me because to me it seems obvious) is do our kids speak both languages? They do; and the reason is because I speak to them only in my native English, and my husband speaks to them in his native Latvian 🙂
  • I love painting on silk, and each of my items is made with so much care and attention and thought. There will never been any two items exactly alike because they are done freehand.
  • I adore baking. And take pride in making tasty morsels and wedding cakes for friends.
  • I like nature, and am learning to be a gardener.
  • I appreciate good coffee, at least once daily 🙂
  • I need to write, and take pleasure in journaling.
  • I come from a musical family, and enjoy playing the piano (though I am sorely out of practice at this stage in life).
  • I love having company!
  • I collect board games, and love playing them!

So now that you have met me and learned a bit about me, tell me who you are and what you enjoy!

So nice to meet you!