Painting Birch Trees

Painting Birch Trees

Here in Latvia trees are everywhere. I love getting out in nature here; gathering mushrooms, and just basking in the quiet beauty of the forests here.

I love the variety of forests and there is nothing quite so gorgeous as a fresh snow in the tall pines- to make you feel like you stepped into Narnia.

The birch trees here are in abudance, and so delicate, and feminine.

I decided to try my hand at painting birch trees and here is a short clip of my working on one of my latest scarves.


In a few weeks when my sister has concluded her visit here with her kids I hope to get this scarf steamed, photographed and listed. Until then take a sneak peek at it.

And keep in mind that now is the time to order your custom Fall scarves, when my kids head back to school I will have less time for painting what with running them to school, after school activities and homework.

Happy Monday!

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Peacock Feather Tie

Peacock Feather Tie

Peacock Feather Tie

A tie to match your groom’s peacock boutonniere.

This may just be what every bride with a peacock themed wedding is looking for.

I hand painted this lovely silk tie in shades of black, green, terractota, turquoise, and purple. This was a custom order to match a peacock feather boutonnierre. Both the bride and I were both very pleased with how it turned out!

This unique tie can be made to order in the colors you need to match your groom, his tux and the colors your groomsmen and bridesmaids are wearing.

Want all the groomsmen to get a special tie to remember the big day? I do custom messages on the back with your date, logo or short message. What could be more special for the groomsmen, best man, or even the father of the bride?

This special tie has a note to the groom from the bride included on the back flap of the tie. But since that is their special love note, we will keep that a secret ūüôā

Have questions? Contact me at

Need more peacock themed ideas? Check out my Pinterest Peacock Wedding board.

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Happy wedding or carnival plannine!


Peacock Feather Tie

Unique Personalized Grandma Gift


Unique Personalized Grandma Gift

A Wearable Family Tree

Unique Personalized Grandma Gift

In 1944 my Grandma left her country as a teenage girl, fleeing coming war. She would never return to her country of Latvia again. But now 72 years later I, her granddaughter continue our heritage by having married a Latvian and living in the country she left during war time.

My Grandma was in refugee camps in Germany before ending up the in the USA, marrying, and going on to have a huge family with 3 kids, 17 grandchildren and even more great-grandchildren.

My Grandma has always been the core of what held our huge family together- and I could even say she is the base or trunk of our huge family tree. Our family’s matriarch!

Last Thanksgiving we got the rare chance to be in the USA and I painted a special scarf or wrap for my Grandma. It was this huge Unique Personalized Grandma Gift  with family tree on it which had the names of every one of her children, grand-children and great-grandchildren. It also included the names of her parents on the roots. And some special quotes from the Bible on the importance of a woman.

As I presented this special gift to my Grandma and talked about how important she had been in my life and to our family I got very emotional and couldn’t even finish my little speech without tears of thankfulness streaming down my cheeks.

She LOVED her scarf and read over it carefully, checking to see if every name was there.

I was so pleased she loved it, and would love to create more of these special scarves for other familes to gift to their cherished Grandmas.

These amazing photos were taken by my talented cousin, thank you!

If you would like to order a special scarf like this for your family member write me at or convo me in my Etsy Shop

You can see the listing for this custom item HERE

Unique Personalized Grandma Gift

Vegan Fashion Gift the Vegetable Scarf

vegetable art scarf


Vegan Fashion Gift

Size: 8×54 inches

Material: 100% pure silk, dyed with French dyes and steamed for lifelong color

Inspiration: Read on and get the whole story!

vegan art gift

Every year as the seasons change and my garden produces its abundance I am again enamored with the beauty of vegetables in all their shapes, sizes and colors. Inspired by my produce I decided to paint them on a scarf. I LOVE the way this vegetable scarf turned out. It is colorful, bright and FUN.

It would be the perfect gift for my nutrionalist friend, or my vegan friend, or my teacher friends to show their kids what healthy food choices are!

This scarf has lots of bright vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and MORE and it is off set by a black border.

Currently this is not yet listed on my website- but you can grab it here on my ETSY SHOP by clicking on this LINK.

Don’t miss this chance to get that special friend a gift for Christmas or their birthday- this will give everyone something to talk about! Not to mention brighting up any outfit!

vegan scarf

Need some scarf styling tips? See my Pinterest board HERE  with lots of links for styling scarves!

Book Scarf

Book scarves are TOPS right now and though I have yet to list them here in my store I too have been busy painting some book themed scarves.

Book Scarf

I had a special request for an Emma scarf for a Jane Austen fan and it was so much fun dreaming up and designing that – I had to do a Pride and Prejudice one too. I am a HUGE Jane Austen fan and book fan in general and love the idea of turning some of my favorite characters and quotes into wearable art!

Book Scarf blue

These are only the tip of the iceberg in the way of possiblities for a book scarf.

Book scarves make the perfect gift for any book or movie loving person you know. But keep in mind these are custom made- with quotes and the colors you desire. So they take time to create- it is best to plan on a one month turn around time for both the order to be filled and the shippment to arrive- since I am located in the EU.

elizabethscarf (Large)

So think through you list of friends and family and make a list of those people who need a book scarf and be sure to order early! All orders placed here are FREE shipping.

Since this is a custom order and not yet listed on my website you can convo me at to arrange the details of your purchase.

Happy reading.