Peacock Feather Tie

Peacock Feather Tie

Peacock Feather Tie

A tie to match your groom’s peacock boutonniere.

This may just be what every bride with a peacock themed wedding is looking for.

I hand painted this lovely silk tie in shades of black, green, terractota, turquoise, and purple. This was a custom order to match a peacock feather boutonnierre. Both the bride and I were both very pleased with how it turned out!

This unique tie can be made to order in the colors you need to match your groom, his tux and the colors your groomsmen and bridesmaids are wearing.

Want all the groomsmen to get a special tie to remember the big day? I do custom messages on the back with your date, logo or short message. What could be more special for the groomsmen, best man, or even the father of the bride?

This special tie has a note to the groom from the bride included on the back flap of the tie. But since that is their special love note, we will keep that a secret 🙂

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Happy wedding or carnival plannine!


Peacock Feather Tie

The Zebra Print Tie Story

Zebra Print Necktie

The Zebra Print Tie Story

This scarf was inspired by a photo sent to me asking me to recreate a tie as seen in Casablanca. The man who it was painted for was a big fan of the film and I was glad to help create a special custom gift for him.


Hand painted on pure white silk charmeuse this stripey zebra skin necktie is unique, eye catching and hand painted! There will be never be two zebras alike.

This would be a great gift for a guy who is tired of boring old blue ties 🙂 Think Father’s Day, graduation, or a birthday coming soon!

This Zebra Print Tie is available HERE. 

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Zebra Print Necktie

Gift Ideas for Husbands

Gift Ideas for Husbands

This Christmas my husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Buying my man gifts has never come easy for me. I struggle with finding that perfect gift, something meaningful, something he will use. . .

On one of my last trips to England I had picked up one of those English magazines that I so love snagging while I am in an English speaking country. And I still remember article one wife wrote about having discoverd all the gifts she had given her husband for the last 10 years all hidden in his closet- unused. She said she got so mad she decided to give him something stupidly practical and so she gave him a laminator for Christmas. She said he LOVED it so much he went around laminating everything in sight. Wow, men are so different than women. And each man appreciates something totally different.

I was thinking ahead today to what I might give my man this year- since it isn’t only Christmas, but our 10th anniversary. And so I started going over what I  have given him in the past years and decided to share those things with you! Most of these items are very reasonably priced, all costing less than $100 as we try not to go overboard at Christmas.

Last year I decided he was in need of a new jacket and shirt for dressier occasions. Believe me buying clothes for your husband without him isn’t easy. Maybe for other ladies they have this art down., but for me it took countless hours! In the end I settled with a grey jacked, and a blue dress shirt to complement the peacock tie.  We were both pleased with how well it fit and suited him, and he gets so many compliments on the tie. This is the tie I gave him to match his blue shirt and grey jacket,

Grey Peacock Tie Ritzy Silk

Gift Ideas for Husbands and Other Men

In 2014 I gifted him with a lovely chess set, similar to this one.

Image result for wooden chess set

In 2013 I ordered a custom leather belt for him with our last name on it; practical, manly and customized. What could be better?!

Custom Leather Belt with Personalized Name and Birth Year in Rustic Saddle Brown with Chunky Silver Buckle

In 2012 I gave him a nice fuzzy bath robe to wrap up in. Also very practical, he uses it often.

In 2011 I gave him a Hugo Boss gift set. He had been saying he needed a new scent and I still love this one on him!

Image result for hugo gift set

In 2007, I wanted to give him something big and important and that he had always longed for. I couldn’t find an antique gramophone so I got him a replica. Oh how we laughed the first time he played it and have it enjoyed so many times with guests over the years. Everyone always wants to hear what a gramaphone actually sounds like.

Image result for gramaphone



There have been other gifts over the years, but these are the ones I remember best. . .

Perhaps you can share some of your ideas with me on what you have gifted to your husband for Christmas or birthdays, you can share those ideas here in the comments or on my Facebook page.



The Debonaire Gent

Debonaire Gent


The Debonaire Gent in our lives are those guys that we see day in and day out. Some days they seem dull and perhaps even boring with the daily grind of day in and day out. But then our men get spiffy and they clean up real well.

I don’t know about you but I love it when my man gets sharp in his grey jacket and baby blue dress shirt I gave him for Christmas. I also gifted him with the grey blue version of this peacock necktie and WOW does he look sharp! He has recieved SO many compliments on his tie as it pulls the two colors of shirt and jacket together perfectly! Not to mention what a splash of Hugo Boss does to add that perfect touch of masculinity!

Father’s Day is coming and any number of special events and weddings. These hand painted silk neckties are perfect for your special occasion because I can paint them in the colors you need and love!

So go and spoil that man of yours, and dress him as the debonaire gent you know he is deep down!

Debonaire Gent

A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.

George Bernard Shaw

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